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statutory maternity allowance for self employed adopters
Description: being a potental adoptive parent . i am being discriminated against because iam self emplyoyed and because i am not giving birth naturally . iam unable to get the same benifits as a self employed person who as a natural birth the last response fo...

Status: Unable to take forward

Response: This is not a simplification suggestion and therefore not appropriate to be dealt with through the portal. However you may find the following information of use: As you are aware maternity benefits are primarily provided to protect the health and...

Date Received: 28/01/2009
Date Responded: 12/02/2009

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Zoo Licensing Implementation
Description: Currently Local Authorities are responsible for enforcing the Zoo Licensing legislation. My research has proved that this responsibility is not being properly administered. This appears to be due to lack of knowledge of the legislation, lack of resou...

Status: Idea taken forward

Response: Thank you for your proposal on Zoo Licensing Implementation. I understand that Defra and Animal Health has corresponded with you on Zoo Licensing issues many times over the last three years. Partly in response to your concerns, new measures have ...

Date Received: 02/03/2009
Date Responded: 29/04/2009

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Obtain CT41G formation information direct from Companies House
Description: Form CT41G is automatically sent to all new companies after they are incorporated, requesting information to set up a Corporation Tax record. (copy here: Much of the information requested has already b...

Status: Idea taken forward

Response: You are right to ask whether HMRC can make better use of public information available from Companies House. HMRC depends quite a lot on this flow of information for administering corporation tax, and the processes involved are still largely manual an...

Date Received: 15/11/2008
Date Responded: 16/12/2008

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Temporary Road Tax Waiver
Description: Please review the suggestion of a Temporary Road Tax Waiver because the answer did not relate to the question. Essentially the idea is to introduce a 24 hours road tax to allow a vehicle to legally be taken from one off road position to another off ...

Status: Unable to take forward

Response: Thank you for your suggestion about the taxation of road vehicles. This idea, however, relates to Vehicle Excise Duty and tax relief policy, rather than to regulatory burdens. It remains the case that the Treasury always carefully considers who wi...

Date Received: 16/02/2009
Date Responded: 19/05/2009

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