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Remove the requirement to have an extractor fan in kitchens of new build or re-developed properties

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Department Responsible:
Department for Communities and Local Government

Problem Description:
When a property is refurbished or in a new build, it is a requirement of building regulations to have an extractor fan installed. I was required by building control to have an extractor fan installed in my kitchen - immediately above a door - a far cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly form of venitlation. The fan has a switch to turn it on and I never use it - I should not have had to pay to have one installed when I don't need or use it.

Proposed solution:
Remove the building regulation requirement to have extractor fans in kitchens.

Cost or time incurred:
It would have saved me a cost of £200 for the fan and £200 for installation.

Department for Communities and Local Government



Official response

Simplification Proposal Response: Remove Kitchen Extractor Fans

Dear Mr Holness

Thank you for your simplification proposal submitted through the Better Regulation Executive Simplification portal on 24 July 2008 about extractor fans in kitchens and for your suggestion to remove the Building Regulation Requirement to have fans in kitchen.

Your suggestion has been passed to this Department as we have responsibility for building regulation issues to which your suggestion relates.

You suggest that extractor fans in kitchens should be removed from the building regulation requirement. Part F of the Approved Document requires that there should be adequate means of ventilation for people in the building and makes recommendations on how this Requirement can be achieved. It provides guidance for ventilation systems that should limit the build-up of moisture, which could lead to mould growth, and other pollutants in the building which could be a hazard to health of people in the building.

In the kitchen there are a number of potential indoor pollutants such as moisture production from cooking and cleaning dishes. There are also combustion products, particularly from the use of gas cookers.

For new-build dwellings, ADF recommends that these pollutants are extracted from the kitchen directly to outside through the use of a cooker hood (extracting to outside) or a mechanical extract fan or through the use of a passive stack ventilator.

For existing dwellings being refurbished, the Regulations require that ventilation should be no worse than before. If there is an existing cooker hood, extract fan or passive stack ventilator, you should retain or replace it. However, if there is no existing ventilation system you need to provide one.

On this occasion we are unable to take forward your suggestion to remove the requirement to install extract fans in kitchens because of the reasons given above. The Department places considerable importance on the participation of stakeholders as a productive way in which government can continue to identify areas for simplification and reform. I would like to extend our thanks for your time and effort in participating in this process.

I am copying this reply to the Better Regulation Simplification Proposals team at the Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform.

Yours sincerely

Esther Sheriff
Simplification Focal Point
Better Regulation Unit
Department for Communities and Local Government