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DVLA - 10 year licence renewing

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Department Responsible:
Department for Transport

Problem Description:
Driving licenses expire every ten years. I was aware that i needed to obtain a D1 form to renew it.

On obtaining the form, under section 1 'what are you applying for?', it really is not clear which box you should tick for a straight forward renewal. ie - not suffering illness, nor had it revoked etc etc.

On calling the DVLA i was told that i should tick the 'renew my photo' box.

The problem is that members of the public do not care which specific parts of the license are being updated; all they know is that they need to replace the licence, and pay, and they simply do not care which parts are being updated.

Proposed solution:
I suppose, in a nutshell, the box that most people need to tick on a D1 form is too specific.

The option should simply read 'my driving license has expired' rather than 'to renew the photo on my licence'.

Cost or time incurred:
It would also make the process and D1 form simpler to understand; It would save the public having to call the DVLA; and therefore fewer staff would be needed in the call centres.

Department for Transport


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Official response

Thank you for your Better Regulation Proposal about the D1 driving licence application form. Your proposal was passed to the Policy and External Communications Directorate within the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), an executive agency of the Department for Transport, for consideration.

You have suggested that the tick box option ‘to renew the photo on my licence’ should be replaced with ‘ my driving license has expired’ to make the form simpler to understand.

However, we have concluded that your proposal should not be taken forward. We do not agree that your proposed wording would necessarily make the position any clearer for applicants and, in some instances, may actually cause more confusion. Whilst the photographs on a driving licence are valid for 10 years, the entitlement to drive, in the vast majority of cases remains valid well beyond the photograph’s validity period. That said, there will be cases where the entitlement to drive expires before the photograph. It is necessary, therefore, that the D1 form makes that distinction.

When a licence holder’s photograph is due to expire, DVLA will send a photocard renewal reminder letter, with a specific application form (D798).

In the circumstances, no further action will be taken regarding your proposal but we hope this explains the position, and we would like to extend our thanks for your time and effort in participating in this process.