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Waste transfer notice

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Department Responsible:
Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Problem Description:
Currently every business havng waste collected needs to complete an annual waste transfer note to give to the waste collector. whilst I understand the need to control the dumping of waste I think that inadvertantly the government has given waste companies another revenue stream. Waste companies are charging all of their business companies to supply and store wtn forms.

This problem is caused by conflicting regulations or guidance.

Proposed solution:
If the WTN was available as a pdf from the BERR website for people to download and complete and send to their waste collector this would make life easier for and cheaper for everyone. It might also be a good idea to get each waste collector to put a link on their website to the BERR site.

Cost or time incurred:
£60 (and sometime more) - but this would apply to every business in the country

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Private Sector

Business and industry

Official response

Thank you for your proposal regarding Waste Transfer Notes (WTN's), and please find our response below.

One of the rules under the Duty of Care is that the waste must be described in writing on a transfer note so that people will know how to handle it safely. The note must be signed by both parties when you and your waste to an authorised person and be kept for at least 2 years. For repeated transfers, where the description of the waste and all the circumstances remain the same, a ‘season ticket’ i.e. one note which can last up to 12 months, can be used to cover all transfers. There is no standard transfer note. Many registered carriers print their own versions of transfer notes. However you can also produce your own transfer note.

An example of which you may wish to photocopy and use is available free of charge on this Environment Agency website link:-

Further guidance on WTN's can be found on the following website links:-

Currently waste companies can charge for the WTN’s if they wish, as they are a self regulating industry. However you have the choice as to whether you pay for these WTN’s to be provided and completed for you by the waste companies or if you supply and complete the WTN’s yourself.

It would be at BERR’s and waste collectors discretion if they wished to include a link to the WTN. However the duty of care and waste carrier/broker registration regimes are currently being reviewed. The second public consultation was launched on 13 June 2008 and the deadline for responses on this consultation is 8th September 2008. It can be found on the Defra website at:

I hope this clarifies and answers the issues raised.