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Firearms, long barreled pistols

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Problem Description:
Long barreled pistols are permitted in the UK. These are firearms with barrels over 30cm and over 60cm overall length.

They are the closest thing to Olympic standard pistols that are allowed in the UK.

They are licenced as section 1 firearms much the same as rifles except different police authorities place different conditions on licences.

Some authorities allow them to be possessed by clubs for all members to use. They also allow members of clubs who own them to allow other members to use them for practicing.

The problem is.
Other authorities place the condition that only the owner may fire them, in fact it is considered an offence for anyone else to so much as touch the firearm.

Thus there is no consistency in the rules for their use. Some can freely practice others are prevented.

This problem is caused by conflicting regulations or guidance.

Proposed solution:
The Home Office could specifically add Long Barreled Pistols and Long Barreled Revolvers to the firearms act or notify Firearms Licencing Offices with the side note that they are section 1 firearms and should not be restricted to use by the owner only.

Cost or time incurred:
Its not a matter of cash saving other than the fact that if all clubs could own them some individuals would not need to buy their own saving licence applications and variations.

Some shooters are not in a position to have their own firearms or are content to use

Leisure and culture

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